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From the Hood to the Woods

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    The Hood Hikers is a hiking and outdoor adventure company, based in New York City, that creates a SAFE space in nature for ALL Black and Brown folks, regardless of gender, income bracket (we offer pay what you can tickets for those on a tight budget), and any other divider, to enjoy the outdoors on their terms.  While EVERYONE is welcome, the Black and Brown experience is centered.  We curate hikes & other outdoor activities and provide round trip transportation from Brooklyn and the Bronx to get our folks out the Hood into the Woods.  We also provide hiking boots and trekking poles so you can enjoy our adventures safely and comfortably.

      Our events are the perfect time out from the stress and hustle of the busy NYC life.  We hike, dance, sing, laugh, meditate, practice yoga, reconnect with our ancestors, tune into ourselves, and everything else in between on the trail and out in nature.  Every group of Hood Hikers that comes together seems to be aligned by the Universe.  Such special and amazing Humans in all of their own unique ways and yet forming a cohesive and harmonious bond among what begins as mostly strangers. Quintessential Good Vibes.  

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Jasmine Guadalupe is a Bronx-bred, 80s baby of Puerto Rican descent.  She always had the desire, and even felt an obligation, to help her Brothers and Sisters in the Hood.  Her empathy and obligation to serve, led her to pursue a career as an attorney.  Jaded and frustrated with the injustice and racism within the legal system, she needed a new way to serve her community.  She was burnt out, having panic attacks for the first time in her life, and just downright sad.  On Earth Day in 2020, when the pandemic was raging NYC, she had a major panic attack.  Jasmine was laid off from her litigation firm two days later.  After resting a bit (if you consider watching nonstop pandemic doom coverage rest), she decided to take a weekend trip upstate to gather her thoughts and figure out her next steps.  She invited her long time sister-friend and P-I-N (partner in nature), Candice on a weekend adventure.  Before she left for her trip, she was compelled to open an Instagram, Facebook, and Gmail account for "The Hood Hikers".  The weekend was full of memorable experiences out in nature.  She had such a rejuvenating, relaxing, fun and spiritual experience and she knew she wanted to share this with her Brothers and Sisters from the Hood. Not long after that weekend she obtained her NYS Hiking Guide License and started curating outdoor adventures. The Hood Hikers just came to be through her, without much thought at all and this is just the beginning!  In February of 2022, Jasmine returned to litigation and in July of 2023, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, however, her dedication to The Hood Hikers has not waned.  We continue to grow and expand services, so stay tuned! 


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